All the good things must come to an end?

After a long hiatus, I am coming back to write on my website again.

As you already probably notices, I am not posting new videos on Youtube or Streaming on Twitch.
Meanwhile, I am going on with my new programmer career while I create some new SFX for some FOSS game from time to time.

I am working to a new thing lately:


This is a GTA SAMP minigame clone
It's a fork of STK and I hope that a playable version will be out soon!

Top 5 Open source game soundtracks

Hey! Some days ago I published this video about my favorite opensource games soundtracks! All the games are very well crafted. Be sure to check them out! I've played them all on my twitch channel where I play opensource games only. What are you waiting for?!?

The future of opensource DAWs?

Some weeks ago I just released a video about Zrythm that's a new promising FOSS DAW.
Attualmente è in alpha ma lo sviluppo procede in modo spedito.
Check it out!

Linux Audio production | Youtube video

Hello everyone! Last week I published a video on Youtube directed to people who want to use Linux as their main OS and produce music with it migrating from Windows.

The video offers an overview of the tools available on Linux for audio production.